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Lesi Cali La’Na is a young, single mother from Southern California. San Bernardino is where she was born and raised. Striving to provide a better life for her children, she relocated to Greenville, South Carolina. There, she has dabbled in different endeavors. She models, writes poetry, fashion designs, and has recently written a book. Struggling with the effects of molestation, rape, and domestic violence she wants to raise awareness to these epidemics. She uses every platform she stands upon to do just that.

Dear Lil Black Girl is an autobiography of the ups and downs of a young lady afflicted with low self-esteem. From the outside looking in, she appeared to have the ideal body; most couldn’t understand the reason for esteem issues. But what the eye can’t detect is emotional scars. The author, beautiful she may be, was traumatized from molestation, domestic violence, and rape. She also suffers with depression and anxiety. Lesi Cali La'Na wants to raise awareness for sexual assault, domestic violence, and mental health; while sending the message not to judge a book by its cover.

CIMOS by Cali is a fashion line. Lesi Cali La'Na is the designer. CIMOS is an acronym for Comfortable In My Own Skin. It’s easy to hide the things we don’t like about ourselves, but what if we embrace them? Our flaws aren’t what make us unattractive, our lack of confidence is. A nice outfit can transform an attitude from blah to breathtaking. Stand tall, hold your head high knowing that you are one of a kind!

Jelesia’s Lyrics is a charm bracelet experience started by the daughter of Lesi Cali La'Na. Jelesia watched her mother’s journey into entrepreneurship and wanted to be a boss herself. Jelesia is a smart, fun-loving, extraordinary 11-year-old. She enjoys singing, dancing, playing piano, modeling, and making new friends.


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